Monday, December 27, 2010

"Blizzard 2010"

At least that's what the news stations are calling the two feet of snow that is in my driveway.

Things could be worse, I could have a submerged car and a garage filled with sea water, but alas I do not live in North Weymouth. The poor Flanagan Family and the dangers of living with the Atlantic Ocean outside your front door. =(

Will (our lab, and the favorite child) is LOVING the snow. He leaps through it like he does at the beach. Unfortunately he hasn't figured out exactly where to go the bathroom as his usual spots are under the 21 inches of snow.

I am watching The Town today and eating too many holiday cookies.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is getting closer..

As I had said earlier, Dublin isn't my only reason for blogging. Two of my favorite things to do are bake and craft...

So today is "Christmas Eve, Eve" as Eloise would have said. Naturally being completely unprepared today has been a long day of errands, last minute gift making and plenty of baking! Oh and we also declared it National Eggnog Day and celebrated with 5 huge mason jars of homemade Eggnog, oh boy. (Awesome recipe to follow!)

Crafts completed this week..

One tie blanket!

One regular blanket with some mediocre embroidery

Patchwork-ish camera case.

Soon to be raspberry thumbprint cookies!

Also this week we've gotten at least ten inches of snow and our ten-month old chocolate lab, Will, has never seen the snow before! He's treating it just like he does sand, digging and also diving into piles but wayy more eating of the snow. 

Here he is, very unhappy his walk ended.

 My favorite gift that I made this year was an awesome no-sew tutu for my cousin but due to the fact I didn't have a camera until recently, I couldn't get a good picture of it.

So unfortunately here's the list of things we still haven't made..

Saltine candy, gluten-free thumbprint cookies (courtesy of the gluten free girl), whoopie pies, finish my last batch of sugar and spice cookies, and make some more chocolate lollypops.

And I still need to get two christmas gifts. I might just go with I-O-U's.

Does tomorrow still count as one more [shopping] day till christmas?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

First post!

So, my name is Kerin Riley and this is my blog! In 21 days I will be leaving the US to go to Dublin, Ireland and study/work for 4 months. This, however, is not the only reason for this blog's existence. Let me tell you a little about me...

Things I Like:
Crafting, dogs, tea, quilting, baking (!), eating, cooking, reading, skiing, the beach, nature, music, flowers, ice cream, the cape, drives, quotes, online shopping, good cookbooks, bookstores, dessert, sea shells, stars, etsy, good food.

Things I Dislike:
BAD GRAMMAR, Cheetos, ignorant people, public transportation, fast food, improper English, rain, being cold, people who have no basis for their opinions.

Things I Am:
Impatient, irrational, opinionated, an enthusiastic baker.

Things I Would Like to Be:
Patient, good at story telling, bi-lingual, artistic, a knitter, frugal.

Things I am Never Going to Learn:
When to keep my mouth shut, when to stop eating ice cream, when to admit I am wrong.

Things I Should Be Doing:
Writing a final paper...

So follow me as I travel, cook, and craft in the US and Dublin!