Friday, January 28, 2011

A word on track suits..

In my Sociology of Ireland class we had to make a list of things that have puzzeled us while we've been here. One thing every high on the list, it actually might have been number one, was track suits. We had been noticing that A LOT of people, especially middle-school-aged boys, wear matching track suits. You know, the ones that were really popular circa 2002 made from that swishy material and Adidas was a really popular brand.

Well it seems that it took 8 years for this trend to find its way across the pond. Our teacher, Frank, explained it this way.. "They think they're in the hood." Now I'm not exaggerating when I say this, we see swarms of kids completly decked out in their matching (they ALWAYS match) suits. My school doesn't even sell hoodies, they sell track suits!! To us this is baffling. Frank continued to explain that it has become a very middle class phenonomen. Together with their ease of wear and affordibilty, parents of these ragamuffins are more than happy to let their kids look like little bookies. (Which, by the way is a completly legal thing here. There are "Paddy Power" Book shops everywhere)

Anyway I found this rather intriguing and also really amusing. So what's next Ireland, am I going to be seeing a ton of little kids on heelies running down O'Connell street? Or maybe that's a little too recent of a trend. I'll give it a couple years.

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