Monday, February 21, 2011

10 Things Cooking Has Taught Me

Cooking and baking are my favorite things to do. I just love it! This week I've made lasagna, chicken pot pie, ham and cheese croissants, and walnut crusted chicken. Unfortunately in Ireland they don't have the exact same products as they do in America. For me that meant I had to make the crescent rolls for the ham and cheese croissants from scratch, same with the crust for the chicken pot pie. 

Another issue that has developed in a kitchen that serves 10 people--dish washing. The majority of people wash their dishes and that's that. But some people use them and don't wash them. Or they'll use them and wash them, but do a really terrible job. As a result of this, my roommate and I have started hoarding our utensils, a pot, a pan, a baking dish, all our aluminum foil and bags in our room. 

I was reading an article in Real Simple 10 Things Cooking Has Taught Me and I realized I am kind of a control freak in the kitchen. But all this "communal" cooking has definitely made me accept that not everyone is going to do things the way I do them, and for some people the same meal 5 times a week is okay. (Definitely not okay for me!)

Anyway here's a bit of the article I found particularly amusing..

3.  Control is overrated. When my fiancĂ© and his stuff moved into my one-bedroom apartment, I was OK with the books and the CDs, the quirky framed prints, and even the oddball knickknacks he squeezed onto my already crowded shelves. But when it came to my kitchen, nothing was allowed to disrupt the order and flow. So when, a few weeks before we were married, he bought a knife without consulting me, I nearly had a stroke. Of course, my response symbolized my many years as a single woman who had only herself to consider. If I was going to let him into my life, I quickly realized, I had to let him into my kitchen, too.

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