Monday, February 21, 2011

Currently missin' this..

I finally had to do it. It's been a long time coming and despite my reluctance to do so, I unsubscribed from Waterville Valley emails. For those of you that don't know, I LOVE to ski. Despite the fact that I am a genuinely horrible skier. I attribute it to the fact that I got involved in the sport pretty late and am far too cautious for my own good. Regardless, I love my blue trails and this being February vacation week back home I'm really missing the snow.
The emails from Waterville proclaiming inches and inches of fresh powder just got to be too much. Especially the ones asking me to renew my season pass, that was a tough one to ignore. After the dismal amount of snow we got last year the mountain owners are probably rejoicing in their good luck.

It's currently 16 degrees and snowing there but my dashboard weather widget shows sunny days and 35 degree temps later in the week! Comparatively in Dublin its 50 degrees out and rainy. Not ideal ski conditions for anywhere in the world. Anyway with any luck this time next year I'll be on the slopes. Maybe I'll come closer to skiing some black diamonds. But we'll see! =)

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