Monday, February 28, 2011

Itchy Hands.

I have itchy hands.

No I don’t have poison ivy or hoof and mouth disease or eczema. Or actually, I should say-- I have bored hands. The only things I have made with my hands since I’ve gotten to Dublin are scones. They weren’t even that good because the baking powder/baking soda difference here is significantly blurred. I’ll post a picture of the two later so you can see what I mean.

It’s been 6 months since I started my last quilt. Two months since I made my last tutu. My last gluten free snack was the beginning of January. My last small sewing project was late January. My last dog bandanas were early December! I haven't made a pie since Christmas.

And I can’t tell you how many unfinished projects I have waiting at home for me that are killing me just sitting in a box! I have yard after yard of fabric and so many cute patterns! But I’m here without my machine or rotary cutter or sewing scissors or even any decent thread. 

I'm regretting my decision not to bring my knitting or crocheting needles with me. I really wanted them on the plane but I'm not sure if they would have let me board.

I’m dying to make another quilt and I would love to make one like this log cabin quilt..

Or if I suddenly became artistic and had an extra kitchen aid mixer like Pioneer Woman Who has an extra one of these anyway?! Not only do they last forever so multiples are unnecessary but also they are also super expensive!

Basically I'm dying without something productive to do.  I guess that's why I'm so fond of this blog. It give me an outlet to produce something, albeit nothing tangible. I wish I could consistently post every day but somehow the hours get away from me. I'm going to try harder, but be warned, life as a working girl (no, not that kind) in Dublin might be a little less exciting than the field-trip-taking-student.

I can't wait to get home and fix my machine and make something! But for now I'll have to live vestigially though the various crafter/bloggers that are occupying my "Bookmark Bar" including; Wise Craft,  So You Think You're Crafty, Make It Perfect, Bits of Everything and a blog that sounds like my mom named it - Crap I've Made.

Also interesting note on Irish politics. The main party in Ireland, Fianna Fail (Feen-ah Foil) lost 70 seats in the Irish parliament, called Dail Eireann (DOY-ill Ear-ann), to the second in command party Fine Gael (finna gale). There are only 160 seats, or members in the parliament so this is a HUGE deal as it is the first time in Irelands history Fianna Fail hasn't had the majority!

The Irish voting system is fascinating so I'll write a whole post on how they function later. It is much too complicated to be explaining after midnight...

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