Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kids Say the Darnedest Things..

My Mom was driving my little cousin Makayla to her 3rd grade class the other day and she was telling her about Will's "big test," his Canine Good Citizen test. Important background: Will has about 7 or 8 stuffed duck toys and he sleeps with all of them. They're all different; one has rope feet, one has crinkly wings, one has been slobbered on it's no longer discernible as a duck and one has had "surgery" at least a dozen times. Anyway the one he had with him in the car was his oldest and most favorite. Its "feathers" are matted to its body and his wings had to be sewn to his body to keep the stuffing in. Nonetheless it was the first duck I ever gave Will and it's the one he carries around.

Makayla has commented how yucky it is and so my mom told her that if Will is good and passes his test she would buy him a big stuffed penguin that she saw at our favorite pet shop, Woof & Whimsey! But to pass the test he needs to behave and come when called and not go nuts when Nestle comes in the room. So they finally get to her school and she hops out of the car. My Mom watched her as she started walking in but half way she turned around and went back towards the car. My mom rolled down the window as Makayla got closer and she looked up and told my mom in her very matter-of-fact voice.. "Ree, if he doesn't pass, buy him the penguin anyway." And walked back into the school.

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