Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! In Ireland Easter is a much bigger deal than in the States. Here we get Good Friday, and Easter Monday off! Not to mention most people take Holy Thursday and Nothing-Special Tuesday off too. Oh and since the Monday following Easter is also a "Bank Holiday" a lot of people take Tuesday-Friday off and have a HUGE vacation.

Excuse the really weird shadow.

No offense BU but it's lame we don't have any form of break for Easter. And all our professors would probably give us flack for not coming on Easter Monday. Weymouth High, however, gave us Good Friday off which was sweet. This is owing mostly to the overwhelming majority large Irish Catholic population in the town.

So in honor of Easter these some pictures from Easter 2009. These are the only pictures of Easter-y things I have. Please note my semi-blondish hair. According to Jill these were my "best years." That girl really knows how to give a compliment!

I wish I had more recent ones BUT last Easter I was keeping watch on a tiny puppy and the yard we were in had a fence with LARGE holes hence no pictures.

Anyway please eat A LOT of chocolate for me. Specifically Cadbury Mini Eggs. Only six days left! Very surreal. And if anyone has any requests for Irish things please let me know ASAP!

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