Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Official.

So it's official. I am definitely of Willard stock. As if I needed any proof, but here is what's convinced me... Yesterday I went to another hurling and Gaelic football match at Croke Park. It was really great and both games were tied nearly throughout the whole thing and we came back at the end of both games to tie or win them! Dublin played Kilkenny in hurling and then they played Down in football. So afterwards I was going back to Evan's school to watch the March Madness games with some of his friends because one of them has a big screen TV.

After the game we get on a bus that took us into city center and had to catch another bus that would take us to his school, UCD. We got on the bus into the city and it dropped us off kind off close to the stop where we would catch the other bus to UCD. While we were on the bus I noticed another one behind us and I thought it was one that we needed to catch. So right when we got off the bus I started walking quickly, hoping to catch that bus. I turned around to see where the bus was and as soon as I turned around, I walked right into a huge metal pole. If Evan hadn't been behind me I for sure would have fallen!

Feeling mildly concussed I walked as fast as I could away A. so we could catch that bus and B. so no one would recognize me as the girl who walked into a pole. Once we were on the bus I started checking my teeth to make sure they were all solidly in their sockets, then my nose to make sure it wasn't broken and my lips which felt like I had split them open. I, however, made it out unscathed besides a massive egg on my forehead - thank goodness for bangs. I was also convinced that I would have at least one black eye this morning but I lucked out. Also when I woke up my roommate assured me that my egg wasn't as noticeable as it was last night.

Suffice it to say, I didn't make it to any March Madness games, and I spent the night in my room with a bag of frozen peas on my face. So if you add that to the falling-into-the-counter episode, falling-down-the-steps incident, falling-off-the-ladder event, the countless black-and-blue eyes, getting stabbed by a knitting needle, stepping on sharp objects and the numerous accidents caused by pups under foot and fingers getting stuck in their mouths, you get a veritable accident prone gene pool. And this accident gene has definitely been passed into all the cousins. Let me remind you of the broken arms - 5 in all, by two girls- the trips up and down the steps, the stitches needed, the scrapped knees, the riding of bikes into the parked cars, the lost finger and toe nails, the black-and-blue legs, and all the trips to the emergency rooms that left my mom, at least, a little worried the doctors might call DSS.

But we all have survived childhood without any major investigations by Social Services! A little toughened up but no worse for the wear. And with all these accidents, we're left with some pretty funny stories, and the scars to prove them.

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