Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kinsale, Co. Cork! Part Two!

*Part two of a two part post! If you haven't read part one click here! Also if you click on a picture you can view it larger!

Once we walked around the 12 acres that is Charles Fort, we made our the "Scilly Walk" a path along the harbor from Charles Fort to the city center. This walk gave us beautiful views of the town and marina. It also showed us that many houses along the walk have private doors down to the path which we thought was pretty neat!

 Private doors!

 Charles Fort!

After the walk we made our way to the shops in town. They were all so cute! We went into a bunch of them and I got the BEST beach bag ever. It is blue and white striped and has rope handles. I think I could put at least ten towels in it, seriously, this thing is HUGE. Mom, you are going to be jealous.

Where I got my bag!

We then walked around town we made our way to Desmond's Castle. This building was many different things over it's long history. It was a customs house, French prison, and famine workhouse. It also houses the International Museum of Wine. Not many people know this but many of the famous French Wine families are actually of Irish descent! It was so interesting and our tour guide was awesome!

On the way back to town from Desmond's Castle we walked by a church that is a Carmelite Friary! We also walked by this church called St Multose which is the oldest, fully functioning church in Kinsale. Next to St. Multose there is a little restaurant/take out place called "Fishy Fishy Shop." We went in and the smell was amazing! We had been planning on going somewhere else for dinner but after we went in, we had to get dinner there. 

"Fishy Fishy Shop" sells all fresh fish that their fishermen catch daily. It's a family run affair, too! We got oysters and fish and chips. It was my first time eating raw oysters and I actually enjoyed them! They kind of just tasted like the sea. The fish was incredible and their homemade tartar sauce was the best I've ever had and it was presented in an oyster shell! So cute.

As I said, Kinsale is known as the "Culinary Center" of Ireland. Our cab driver told us that there is no bad food in Kinsale. Because of the stiff competition you have to be an excellent chef to survive there. For dessert we went to the Blue Haven Cafe. This is where I got Apple Crumble that was absolutely amazing and Evan got cheesecake.

"Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake." -W.C. Fields

After dessert we were both in a semi-food-coma so we headed back to the hotel. The hotel bar was really cool and it had an amazing view! We opted to have an after dinner drink and Evan got a "Nutty Irishman." He wasn't sure if he wanted one but I remembered that someone in my family use to make a drink similar to that. (Knowing my family's affinity for Bailey's he wasn't too surprised haha) It was a mix of Bailey's and Frangelico (a hazelnut liquor) over ice and it was delicious! It reminded me of a "Baby Guinness," a shot of Tea Maria layered with Bailey's to look like a little Guinness, but either way they are both so good!

Sunday was Easter, so that meant Church. We went to St. John's the Baptist for mass at noon and it was packed! Afterwards we slowly made our way back to Dublin by way of Bus Eireann. This weekend was one of my favorites of the semester! I took over 300 pictures over the course of the weekend, I took so many that my camera died! I had to resort to using Evan's late Saturday. I think he was secretly glad because he told me I was taking too many pictures of him! 

I was definitely sad to leave Kinsale because it meant that it was my last weekend here in Ireland. I was thinking about how happy I was that I decided to study abroad and that if I hadn't I probably wouldn't have ever seen half of what I have!  I really cannot believe that this semester is basically over, I've had the most amazing time!

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