Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last Weekend

So I know today is Thursday and that means that this post is about four days late but it's okay -- better late than never? Anyway I like these pictures a lot. This is a mix of very random things. I'm sorry if you don't like random things but I find my life is full of them.

Last weekend I didn't do much besides write a paper and (dun dun dun) register for class. Successfully, I might add. That Friday and Saturday however I did do some small things that I made sure to photograph.

FRIDAY: We had class in the morning and organized a soccer game. 

SATURDAY: I made the treck to UCD to visit Evan and make Joy The Baker's Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread.


Evan with the finished product!

Also we made pasta salad and I ate some hard boiled eggs. Secret Trick: put a tablespoon or so of vinegar in the water and the weird membrane thing comes right off with the shell.

SUNDAY: (dun dun dun) class registration.

And that was my weekend!

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