Monday, April 18, 2011

Making Pizza!

Evan and I decided we were going to try our hand at making pizza. We were going to make it Friday night but Evan misread the directions and told me that the dough only took 5 minutes to rise. Skeptical, I went over the directions and it in fact took two hours. So we ate pasta (typical) and decided to make pizza another night. We ended up making it Sunday after we went to Palm Sunday Mass. We decided to top it with peppers, mushrooms, spinach and onion. It turned out really good! The dough was a little bland so we just made a tiny crust and used salt liberally.

They don't sell "Italian" cheese mixes. Or "Mexican" cheese mixes. It's a massive hole in Tesco's (the Irish Stop & Shop) cheese offerings.

This looks fake. I promise it's not.
 Still looks fake?

Overall it was good! Mind you, it wasn't Bertuccis but hey, a girl can only do so much.

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