Wednesday, April 6, 2011

nickyBONES blog!

This is my cousin, Evan! He is awesome. Even if you're having an awful day he's so good at cheering you up! He always tells me I'm his favorite cousin, but I have a feeling he might be saying that to everyone else, too!

Evan and his mom (my aunt) Nancy have a dog biscuit company called nickyBONES. They make certified organic and gluten free biscuits!

The biscuits are gluten free for two reasons; Evan is gluten free and all dogs really should be gluten free too! Their bellies are not designed to digest any grains, which is why it's so important to feed them grain free food, like the Orijen we feed Will! Dogs who eat grainy food have considerably stinkier (ahem) waste than those who don't.

NickyBONES contain so many good things for your dogs like eggs, pumpkin and quinoa. Eggs are SO good for dogs! As a matter of fact we give Will one raw egg a week mixed with his kibble. The yolk has so much protein and so many other important vitamins! We even give Will some of the shell because it is a sources of concentrated calcium! I know it sounds gross but he really loves them! Giving pumpkin to dogs is also a GREAT idea! If your dog is having tummy troubles you can give them a few tablespoons (depends on their weight!) and it will calm down their belly. It also contains a lot of fiber so if you're feeding your dog a food with yucky grains or corn products the pumpkin will help regulate their bellies if they're a little backed up. Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wa) is an amazing food! It's actually a seed and full of protein and things like magnesium which is the most important vitamin when it comes to muscle function and healthy bones!

Evan and Will on 4th Cliff Beach, summer 2010!

They decided to name their company after their yellow lab Nick. He was the best dog ever! And a chow hound to boot! He definitely would have loved these treats. I remember he was always great at cleaning up the crumbs underneath us. He was the reason we went with a lab and got Will! We owe a whole lot to Nicky.

Will would do anything for a nickyBONES!

So nickyBONES and company decided to start a blog about their product and crazy busy lives! They are now featured in SEVEN stores! And can also be bought from the company. Do yourselves a favor and hop over to their website and also read their blog! Check them out on facebook - if you're into that!

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