Friday, April 22, 2011

One Week and One Day

In exactly one week and one day I will be on an airplane going back to the US. This is so bizarre to me that my time here has gone by so very, very fast. I only have a couple days left in my internship and then after that I have one final and I am done.

While most of me is very excited to come home, where everything is in dollars and the food actually has preservatives, there is a siginificant part of me that is really going to miss bring here in Dublin. I think though, that more than anything it's the people in my program whom I am going to miss. Since we have such a small program, only 40 people, everyone has really gotten to know eachother. Our biggest complaint about our internships was that we hated not seeing everyone, everyday.

It's getting to the point that if I'm in a particular area I don't frequent I wonder if it is the last time I'll be there this semester. And further more I wonder when, if ever, will I be back here? I have already decided that I will be returning to Ireland at some point in my life, but I was much more taken with the country than with Dublin. And realistically I could never again be in some parts of this city.

There is a lot I am going to miss here, though. Marks & Spencer's grocery stores are amazing. This is the only store I'll buy fruit at because it is quality there. They have the best prepared food sections too! They have a lunch special thats a burger, fries, and a milk shake for 7 euro! Thats pretty cheap for the city. I will miss really authentic Irish Stew and good brown bread. The Guinness is incredible too, I don't think I'll be drinking much in the states. Oddly enough I'll both miss and be glad to get rid of the Dublin Bus system. Unlike the MBTA they at least have a somewhat reliable schedule and a much better pass system.

Even though it somewhat disorients me, I'll miss it being light out so late. I will miss the chocolate more than anything I think. I have such a love/hate relationship with it because it gives me the most God-awful headaches but American chocolate has lost nearly all of it's appeal. I'll miss being on "Irish Time" because I've always been on Irish time my whole life and I'd just never realized it. I will miss the accents. Mostly the country accents, the Dublin one is just too harsh. And the scones! SO GOOD! They are usually served warm with butter and jam and clotted cream. Amazing.

Anyway I am going to try to live up my last few days here and I am very excited for this weekend! I will fill you all in on my adventures on Monday!

Have a great weekend here! It's going to be in the 60's all weekend here!

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