Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today was a really great day! Friends of my family are currently in Dublin for the World's of Irish Step Dancing and I got to meet up with Alanna and her mom Denise. We met by Trinity College and since Alanna is going to UCD next spring to study business we stopped there first to take mini a tour!

Since Evan is studying business there he took us on a tour of the campus. I hadn't seen much of what he showed us! We went into the Quinn Business School and we walked by the Campus Lake, I didn't even know this existed, and we went into the student store.

After we that we went back into the city to go to lunch at The Queen of Tarts. I had only ever been there for dessert but I had heard the lunch was great. And it was! I got a roasted chicken sandwich with stuffing on foccacia bread and it was amazing! After lunch Alanna and I got Apple Tarts and they were so delicious! They even heated them up for us. Afterwards they had to head back to the hotel because Alanna had a practice session.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures! I'm not sure what I was thinking but I left my camera in my room by accident. I switched handbags and I forgot about it. But besides that it was so much fun seeing them! And I love being able to show off Dublin! I told Alanna I'll make a list of all the places she has to go once she gets here!

Alanna competes this Saturday and I know she'll do great! Good Luck Alanna!

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