Thursday, May 19, 2011

Family Dinner

Our family of four is sometimes supplemented with two other cousins; Leah and Stevie! I made another soup out of Cooking for Isaiah. It's called "Chicken Pot Pie Soup." It uses eggs as an emulsifier to recreate that creamy filling of a chicken pot pie. Unfortunately we had to toss our immersion blender after (cue the ewws) my mom accidently got her finger stuck in it. So I had to make due and just whisk them with the warm broth to temper them and we kind of ended up with an egg drop soup.

"Kerin why did you put so many shrooms in this soup?" -Stevie

 Homemade potato chips

 Gluten-free biscuits!

 They look like lumps of mashed potatoes
 Shortcakes and Biscuits

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