Friday, May 13, 2011

Sea Glass and a Story

Webb Park is a tiny peninsula that has two beaches on either side of it. Since there were so many storms this winter both beaches are littered with trash and the brack lines are a gold mine of washed up sea creatures. Consequentially I have found more sea glass there in the past few weeks than I have anywhere else! And I have never found a blue piece from the ocean! They're quite hard to come by.

With all the cool sea glass, old buoys, and awesome pieces of drift wood also come a whole host of dead sea creatures. I've seen huge fish, tons of clams and mussels and skates, which are tiny versions of sting rays. The worst part about this is that these are what attract Will the most. Usually we let him walk the beach off-leash but he always gets himself in trouble by eating things that really shouldn't be eaten by anyone so he gets put back on it.

My mom said he was eating so much sea weed the other day that he looked like he had a green beard. Will is a major chow hound, you have no idea how many things I have had to pull from his mouth! One particularly memorable moment was this past December, it was actually Christmas Day because our parents were busy doing Christmas planning things. My cousin Matt and I took his dog Rocco and Will to the park. 

Rocco and Will this January!

On the way out of the park Will spotted a skate before I did. He snapped it up and naturally I couldn't just let him eat it. Luckily I was wearing gloves so I was able to hold Will's mouth open while Matt pulled the skate literally out of Will's throat. It was disgusting. Will was not happy and I was so glad no one else was at the park that day or else they would have thought I was a certifiable nutcase. The things we do for our pets..

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