Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deep Fry-Friday Nights

This Friday we took the Fry Daddy to a new level (which also corresponded to the level of my cholesterol)  by making fried pickles and fried ice cream!! The pickles were planned and the ice cream we wung-- past tense of "to wing?"

There are a ton of different recipes for fried pickles on the internet but I couldn't find just one that I liked. Instead I combined a little from each and the results were delicious! I made a flour mix of all purpose (gluten-free) flour, cornmeal, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic salt, onion salt and regular salt and pepper. We took dill pickles we had cut into disks and dipped them in a beaten egg and the dredged them in the flour mix. They were then fried at 375 until golden brown and crispy. Considering this was my first time making, and eating, fried pickles the results were delicious! 

Jill mentioned that they came with a sauce but she had no idea what was in it. I also winged (maybe that's right?) the sauce and combined dijon mustard with some mayo and it went perfectly with the sour dill pickles!

Our set up..

A test batch!

After we made the pickles we were still craving fried foods (after this week I'm not sure how that's possible) so we decided to give fried ice cream a go. I looked it up online and basically you are supposed to scoop ice cream into balls and then deep freeze them. You then coat them in corn flakes and fry for 5-8 seconds.

Unfortunately we didn't want to wait hours for the ice cream to harden so we took them out a little early. Definitely a mistake. Looking back I also think we should have used a cheaper brand of ice cream. Here's why: the higher the fat content in ice cream, the more expensive, the easier it is to scoop. Fried ice cream really requires a low fat ice cream that will freeze basically solid.

We fried ours for like 4 seconds and went to town. Still delicious even if we had to consume them immediately! Also no time for pictures, sorry!

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