Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom! Take 2

Ever since I saw I Am Baker's "Rose Cake" I was in love. I needed to try and make it. So the next birthday coming up was my moms and I lunged at the opportunity. I spent all day Saturday making cakes and various frostings for fillings and piping. But I didn't want my mom to see it. This was difficult considering we live in the same house.

So I waited until they went out and started constructing like mad. Life was good. I was able to cut the cakes neatly and I definitely had enough frosting. But I decided not to put the cake on the serving plate right away because I didn't want the plate to get all frosting-y. Unfortunately once I frosted the cake and decorated it I couldn't tell where the seam was. So while picking it up to put on the plate a whole quarter kind of separated from the rest. Frantic, I smushed it together and piped over the seams to make it look normal. 

In my haste I neglected to take pictures. But since the construction of the actual cake creates two of them, I just recreated it on Monday! 

Check out the link to the blog "I am Baker" to see what the inside looks like!

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