Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brief Hiatus

Hi all! So to begin, I am very sorry for the gap in posting! It has been a crazy busy past few weeks with work and just life in general. Last week we had a great party but then I left my camera in a state other than Massachusetts so I was stuck camera-less and picture-less for a while. It was a very sad time.

Highlights of the party include: a wedding cake, a home run derby, a conga line, some swimming with babies in the pool and yummy gluten-free cupcakes.

 Isabella took this one! And nearly 5 others of us without our heads..

 Apparently she thought it was a photo shoot..

Conga line around the pool!

Umpire Makayla!

I'll be back shortly hopefully with some new fun things. I am off to watch The Closer!

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