Thursday, August 11, 2011

Golfing at Twilight

If you're a golfer you know that during the long dog days of July and August you can opt to golf in the late afternoon until the sun goes down on you. This is usually called "Twilight Golfing" or a "Twilight Gold Special." It's usually less expensive than a regular round because you're fighting time to finish. 

Personally, I much prefer golfing at this time because you are not baking in the mid-day sun, there are far fewer people on the course and you get spectacular sky-scapes and you might even get a glimpse of some real nature.

If you look very hard you can see a Red Hawk eating it's prey! I tried to get a good close up but I didn't have a zoom lens on me and he flew away after I got too close. He didn't fly away, however, until after three men tee'd off, apparently he doesn't mind dodging a few golf balls.

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