Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Rainy Day at the Riley's

This Sunday it rained. A lot. And Will doesn't like the rain. I attribute this to the fact that after we got him, it was the most rainy spring in years. Being a tiny puppy he had to be house trained and consequentially brought out in the pouring rain every few hours. If he didn't have to pee he would sit on our feet and look at us until we picked him up and brought him inside.

This Sunday, however, I did not want to sit inside while Will would most likely go stir crazy and eat some more of my shoes. It was raining buckets but was not thundering and lightening so we decided to go to the beach and try our hand at fishing.

Thank you, Will, for chewing our threshold. 

We were prepared with fishing rods, rain jackets, water shoes, striper-worthy bait, baseball caps and Will with his new life jacket. I anticipated the water being somewhat choppy and I also anticipated Will wanting to swim so I took some preventative measures and bought him a life jacket. You see, Will LOVES to swim. So much so that he usually doesn't know when to stop.

I usually have a minor panic attach when he goes out 40 yards into the ocean to fetch a stick or ball or buoy (yes he has a few of them) and he inhales water and paddles like a mad dog back to shore to spit it out. His new life jacket insures that his back is always slightly out of the water and there is an added piece that supports his snout and keeps him from inadvertently swallowing sea water.

Most importantly it allows him to float over waves instead of being taken over by them, waves being a constant occurrence at an ocean beach even on the nicest days. It also has a handle on the back that would allow for easy rescue. In this picture the chin strap isn't totally fastened because we were only in the house.

Despite initially only wanting to walk backwards in it, Will became quickly accustomed to it and did not scratch or whine once during the three hours he wore it. It has a soft neoprene lining and it Velcro's around his belly and also has added snaps for security. It's called a "Hound Saver" and I bought it at Petsmart for a very reasonable price. We got the Large which was for 50-70 pound dogs and fits him perfectly. Even though Will weighs about 73 pounds, the XL would have been swimming on him!

While at the beach I wished I had a water-proof camera so badly! I didn't risk bringing my camera or phone because of how wet it was outside. The rain even soaked though my jacket so it was a good call. Also we didn't catch any fish, not like I was expecting to anyway.

Stay tuned for more pictures of Will sporting his fancy new jacket!

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