Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Easiest Gluten-Free (Peanut Butter) Cookies I Have Ever Made SUCCESSFULLY!

So my last post was a pretty lame. I have been crazy busy with school, work and life in general. On a positive note my classes are going really well. I have kept right on top of my insane reading quotas, managed to make my self real meals for the past two weeks AND have finally, finally, finally figured out how to shoot in all manual on my DSLR! And that's including using manual focus! To be completely honest I am pretty darn proud of myself.

Anyway back to my super lame post. I thought I was being crafty and using half brown sugar in the first batch and also using my kitchen aid mixer. (Yes I have a kitchen aid in my campus apartment! Thanks to my Auntie Jeanne for lending me her old one when she upgraded to a professional!) I think I beat the heck out of the dough, causing the peanut butter to basically separate. This time I used all white sugar (of the "super fine" variety because I wasn't paying attention at the store) and carefully watched and stopped the mixer when it just came together.

I also baked them for about 7 minutes at 350. My oven at school is super hot so that will depend on your stove. Both the stove top and oven get extremely hot way quicker than I am use to at home and consequentially I have burned my oatmeal several times.

Anyway here is what a good batch of these cookies should look like! I like to use the little Hershey kisses because I like chocolate and I hate when the large kisses fall off or you awkwardly have to nibble at them. And when you scoop out the cookies press them flat with a fork to make those markings. They will spread out a lot too so don't over crowd!

 This last one is an iPhone photo!

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