Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meet Pumpkin

This is Pumpkin. And this is my front room. He is our neighbor's cat. Pumpkin enjoys naps in the sun and hanging out in our house.  We think he likes hanging around Will because he is always sniffing around our yard, carefully behind our chain link fence and just out of reach of Will. Once Will is inside or out on a walk, however, Pumpkin slinks underneath our front gate and peruses our yard at his leisure.

Several times I have brought Will home from a walk and when we turn the corner to our front steps and there is Pumpkin lounging. But at the sight of Will he dodges under the railings and watches to make sure I bring him inside. We love Pumpkin and we think him and Will are going to be good friends soon. We want a kitty but we don't want my dad to have a coronary if we bring another animal home unannounced.

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