Monday, March 26, 2012

Eating Gluten-Free in Melbourne, FL

I was lucky enough to spend my last college spring break in Melbourne Beach, Florida. The weather was wonderful, very sunny and in the low 80's. I even managed to get a hint of a tan!

I was only a little bit worried about finding gluten-free restaurants but in the end, every restaurant we went to either had a gluten-free menu or menu options that could be made gluten-free.

Since I was in Florida I got fish everywhere we went! Redfish, tilapia and mahi-mahi. We went to a different restaurant almost every day and here are some of the notable ones: Squid Lips, The Chart House, and Meg O'Malleys.

This week I'll post on each restaurant and what I got there, hopefully anyone else who is looking for (gluten-free or not) restaurants in the Melbourne area will try one of these places!

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