Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Check In

Hi all,

In case you haven't noticed it's April. April 24th. As is the month is almost over. At the end of this month I will be finishing up my last college classes, graduating, and being tossed into the big bad world, whether I like it or not. (Mostly not.)

People keep asking me if I am excited to be graduating and to be honest, the answer is yes and no. The first couple of years in college were tough for me and admittedly I did not enjoy them very much. It seems like once I have actually got into the swing of things and am finally getting comfortable here, it's time to leave. Last year I wrote about the beginning of my "quarter-life crisis" and I can assure you that I am now completely in the midst of one.

Sun-spotty Will.

With only a month left until I have to put on those terrible poly-blend robes (that I have still yet to buy! March 15th deadline? What?) and walk across a stage with four thousand other people I have never seen in my life, reality is starting to rear it's ugly head. I have discovered that I am technically overqualified for many jobs that I'm applying for but that those jobs are being offered to people who are grossly overqualified for them. And keep in mind I'll have student loan payments due six months after May 20th. So yes I'm super excited to be graduating! Please note the sarcasm.

Anyway, more positive matters: I'm starting a tiny vegetable garden in my backyard. Conveniently located smack dab in the middle of our now defunct playground. All members of my family are thrilled. I am now trying to figure a way to keep Will, our chocolate lab, from munching on the tomatoes and beans. I'm thinking I might have to plant some hot peppers around the perimeter. I lobbied for the purchase of several dwarf chickens to fill our egg void but I was swiftly vetoed. On a related note: farmed chickens are routinely fed things like prozac, arsenic, and caffeine to make them less nervous, make their flesh pink-er, and keep them awake to eat longer, all in respective order.

Garlic scapes growing.

I am also in a sling for the time being. I have what my doctor is temporarily calling a cross between tennis and golf elbow. I've been experiencing pain radiating out of my elbow for going on five days so my golf class and weightlifting classes have been put on hold. Only in my world do these things happen. I broke my arm in preschool and had an awesome dinosaur sling but they don't make those things for teenagers, or adults. (I'm still not sure which describes me.)

All in all life is going well enough. I am trudging through work and school and hopefully better things are in the future. In the words of Dory, I'll "just keep swimming."

Webb Park two Saturdays ago.

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