Friday, April 6, 2012

Product Review: Home Free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

My Dad received a little snack size bag of these cookies in a gift bag from work for "National Whole Grains Day." seeing that they were gluten-free he passed them on to me. Now I was skeptical because I have been gluten-free for a while and have yet to "fall in love" with a store bought chocolate chip cookie. Before I opened the bag I was expecting there to be one cookie in the little package but there was actually 7 adorable little cookies in the package. I think, I ate them before I could count them!

Excuse the iPhone pictures, my camera was left at home!

They were crunchy in the best way possible! There was no crumbling or funny after taste with these cookies. They have an oat flour base which I personally really like and all of the ingredients are recognizable and there weren't a million of them.

Please ignore the terrible paint job on my nails.

These cookies reminded me of the mini cookies I use to get in my lunch when I was a kid except better. And trust me I still very much remember what "gluten-full" cookies taste like! I think little kids would love these cookies! I didn't want to write a review at first because I didn't want everyone to buy them out from under me! But don't just take my word, try them for your selves!

Also these are made in New Hampshire! Could they get any more awesome?

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