Sunday, August 26, 2012

Turning a Placemat Into an Apron

I was recently in the market for something colorful to add to a bridal shower gift and was disappointed at the amount (or lack there of) of colorful kitchen utensils. After looking around a few stores I came across this adorable lime-greeny and gray placemat. It was the last one of its kind so I bought it with the intention of turning it into an apron. Using the tutorial supplied by Dana of Made I constructed this little number.

I put two pleats into the front of it to give it a shape that would be conducive to wearing and using a piece of material I constructed a waist band. It was about 4 inches thick so I folded it over the top to hide the stitches from the pleating. 

Unfortunately I didn't have one piece of material long enough for a sash so I had to sew two pieces together. I then had to hide the seam along the edge of the apron making the bow kind of a side bow thing, see the last picture.

Lastly I added my little tag right in the corner. The best part about using a placemat is not having to hem the edges! I wanted to add a little pocket but I ran out of time!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures! Again with the iPhone.

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