Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Ready Gluten-Free Beef Stew

With the tenth month of the year comes not only that sharp sent of cold but also a desire to be warm. Sweaters, socks, and stews are on my mind.

My Nana use to make the best beef stew but she didn't really have a recipe as so much an idea of how she wanted her beef stew to come out. Since just winging it really wasn't a great option I looked up a few and found this one that I liked the sound of.

The only thing I did differently was add a ton more liquid. Oh and a ton of potatoes because I love them in my stew. This recipe is already gluten-free since it uses corn starch in place of flour. Since I added more liquid I added a lot more corn starch but don't do it! Bad idea. It was fine the first night, but after an overnight refrigeration it turned into a gelatinous mess.

I also made a delicious, delicious gluten-free apple crisp using this recipe.

Before picture.

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