Sunday, May 19, 2013

Boston Cream Pie *Gluten-Free*

Boston cream pies have always been something I have been aware of but never actually eaten, besides in donut form. 

I get a newsletter from Betty Crocker occasionally that highlights popular and relevant recipes. I was going through it recently, when I came across a recipe for a Boston Cream Pie. My Nana use to make these eclairs that were basically eclair versions of cream pies and I decided to give making one a go.

They were invented in the kitchen of the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston, hence the name. Turns out they are relatively easy to make but require time. You need to let the filling cool but not get too cold or it won't be easy to spread, you also need to let the cake cool so you can fill it and frost it, but not have it turn into a huge mess.

To make this gluten-free I substituted a Jules gluten-free cake mix for the cake. Her cake mixes are quite substantial and I ended up with two cakes, so I had to make two "pies," but any gluten-free mix or flour substitute would do.

Will loves to watch people cook. He really is only hoping we'll look away and he can grab it off the counter!

If you refrigerate the filling, use a piece of plastic over it so it won't form a film on the top. Don't refrigerate too long, or you won't be able to spread it and it will be chunky.

Also remember to frost the cake when the frosting is warm and malleable, otherwise it will crystalize and get ugly. If you finish when it is still warm, it will harden and have a great sheen.

Recipe by Betty Crocker found here: Boston Cream Pie.

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