Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eating gluten-free in Quincy, MA: Burke's Seafood

I first discovered Burke's seafood this spring. It was a Friday night during Lent, and as most people on the South Shore know, that means seafood is for supper.

I wasn't overly thrilled at first to hear we were going to a seafood place for dinner because I thought they would only have fried foods. As I looked at their menu, however, I was delighted to see that all of their broiled dishes could be made gluten-free! We placed an order and went to pick it up.

Burke's Seafood is everything you could want from a family owned restaurant. A friendly atmosphere, fresh seafoods, and so many options. I ordered the broiled scallops and roasted potatoes. My family had gotten fish and chips, seafood chowder, and fried clams. When we got home I was so excited to eat!

I unpacked everything and pulled out my scallops. This is when I panicked a little. You see, my scallops were covered with an herb breading. This is not what I was expecting. At most restaurants gluten-free broiled dinners mean broiled meat sans any breading. Well, not at Burke's. I was assured over the phone that it is a rice breadcrumb mix! This really impressed me.

We've been back to Burke's on multiple occasions and have always been thoroughly satisfied. The people that work there are reason enough to return, and the food really tops it off.

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