Monday, June 24, 2013

no big dill's papa pancakes *Gluten-Free*

There is nothing worse than being in a food rut. This happens to me frequently too- I'll find something I love and eat it everyday until I can't even look at it. My food rut du jour has been breakfast foods.

In my opinion you can't beat Texas french toast, blueberry pancakes, or Belgian waffles. If you're gluten-free they are totally still within your reach, albeit with a little more effort and money. For an easy, readily accessible gluten-free breakfast you generally stick to eggs and processed meats (meh). Thus my food rut. I mean you can really only eat so many eggs until you turn into one.

A blog that I love following, no big dill, recently posted a recipe for German pancakes that is easily made gluten-free with the help of Jules Gluten-Free Flour Blend. The result is a delicious, popover/fried dough hybrid. If you too are sick of eggs or anything else, give the recipe a try!

For the recipe and other great posts be sure to visit: no big dill.

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