Monday, August 26, 2013

Eating Gluten-Free in Trexlertown, PA

In my ever constant quest for gluten-free food options, I came across this gem in Trexlertown, PA. Joe's Pizza is a pizza shop in Trexlertown, PA a short drive from Allentown, PA. They offer many pizza options, including gluten-free and wheat crust.

I ordered this pizza after a recommendation from a friend for their gluten-full pizza. We decided to give the gluten-free a shot! Not only was it delicious, but it was the first time I have come across obvious efforts to keep the pizza gluten-free. Joe's bakes the pizza in personal sizes, that includes a pan! This decreased the concern about the surface the pizza bakes on. They also include a personal pizza cutter, that actually works great! This is something that I honestly haven't even thought about before. I assume that most places have a dedicated pizza cutter, but this showed that they were making every effort to reduce cross-contamination.

In addition, their pizza is very reasonably priced! We ordered one personal gluten-free pizza with pepperoni (gluten-free pepperoni of course) and one large with two toppings. The total was a little over $24 which is pretty good for two pizzas with toppings.

Are you in the Trexlertown, PA area? If so go check out Joe's gluten-free pizza!

Again, none of my posts are sponsored advertisements! I am just sharing information for those of you looking for great gluten-free options.

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