Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gluten-Free Cookies

Cookies are probably the most versatile of all baked goods. They can be sweet or savory, light or dense, crunchy or chewy, and can easily be made gluten-free. Even though cookies can be made gluten-free super simply sometimes I just don't feel like baking or not in a situation when you can. This is most pronounced during the summer months when it is hot or when I may be away visiting friends. Times like these call for a super delicious store-bought cookie.

This past weekend was the perfect opportunity to try out one of many gluten-free cookie options. I receive emails from Enjoy Life foods but had yet to actually try a product. So while at Harvest Barn Natural Foods, in Franklin, NH (a fantastic health foods store in the lakes/White Mountains region) I decided to give Enjoy Life Crunchy Double Chocolate cookies a try.

I am so glad I bought these cookies! They are the perfect size, the same size I would make a cookie at home and delicious. There is no mealy flour mixture and the chocolate chips get a little melt-y in the sun, unlike some faux-chocolate chips I've seen.  They also come with enough cookies to last a few servings! They are also free of 8 of the major allergens which is fantastic for families with multiple different allergies.

After my great experience with the crunchy double chocolate cookie I decided to try the crunchy chocolate chip and they are equally as delicious. These cookies are very reminiscent of Chips Ahoy Crunchy cookies for all of you later-life gluten-free converts looking for comparable foods. 

My favorite thing to do with cookies is dunk them in milk so I loved the crunchy ones, but Enjoy Life also has chewy varieties! I definitely would recommend giving these a try, especially as school lunch time is just around the corner!

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