Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Best Corn Muffins *Gluten-Free*

Corn muffins are the most utilitarian of all muffins. You can eat sweet corn muffins for breakfast, or a snack, or you can a more savory muffin with your fried chicken or chili. The options are really endless. I prefer my corn muffins, or bread, on the sweeter side, what some people call New England Corn Bread or Yankee Corn Bread. Name aside, I also like mine slathered with plenty of real butter and a little toasty.

Have you been missing corn bread or corn muffins after going gluten-free too? I've made a thousand different versions with nearly as many odd ingredients and they've always been just okay. I think I hit the nail on the head with this recipe though.

Substitutions: I use Jule's Gluten-Free Flour as the base; white corn meal instead of yellow; Lactaid milk in place of cow's milk. 

Additional possible substitutions: Plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream? 

You may notice I do not have a temperature listed. I keep forgetting to write it down and just wing it. I'd try 375 or 400 for the 20 min I did write. 

Recently I purchased the BIG muffin tins and I am so glad I finally did it. THey make a sizable muffin but not too large. I also use muffin liners because they make them look much professional. The liners, however, are still the standard muffin size and they work fine! Scoop the muffins with an ice cream scoop or melon baller and you'll get perfectly uniformly-sized muffins!

Don't they look so good?

Honorable mention: Wegman's makes a killer gluten-free corn bread mix. I would make these weekly if there was one actually close by! Cost efficient too.

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