Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Not-New-Years Resolutions

One of my favorite blogs to follow is My Camo Kids. It is written by a Mom, Lora, and is an account of her family's journey through military life, international adoption, and everything else under the sun. She recently wrote a post titled "My Not New Years Resolutions" and inspired me to come up with some not-new-years resolutions of my own! I have had these thoughts floating around for a while now, so it'll be nice to finally write them down. Maybe this will actually motivate me to stick to them!

Resolution 1: Plan meals. One area that I've been struggling in lately is to pre-plan my meals. Since I live about an hour away from my office, I cannot go home for lunch. Since eating out every day is cost-prohibitive, I pack my lunch every day. Unfortunately, if I forget to get lunch food at the grocery store, I'm left to eat super random lunches or forced to buy something in the city. I've been trying to go to the store before the week begins and get all the food I will need for the week, but sometimes I don't get around to it. I am going to try and make a more concerted effort to do this. I also want to package my snacks in individual baggies so when I go to pack my lunch in the morning, it isn't as time consuming. For example, I recently bought carrots and humus but I haven't been able to eat any of it because I keep forgetting to peel and chop the carrots, and I don't have time for this in the morning.

I also need to work on actually eating dinner. I am currently taking classes on a part-time basis to get my Masters in Education. This means I might not get home from work until 7:30 or 8 at night. I frequently finding myself eating ice cream for dinner because I am too lazy to make something. I would like to either plan small dinners for those nights, or eat giant lunches late in the day.

Resolution 2: Manage time more effectively.Since I am taking classes at night and still working full time, I don't have time to do homework or relax after work. Or sleep for that matter. I have been trying to stick to a set bedtime because if I don't get enough sleep, I am a bear in the mornings. But this is so hard! I really need to discipline myself to do my homework on the weekends so during the week it isn't hanging over my head.

Resolution 3: Wrangle in my spending. Having plastic makes spending SO easy. No cash? No problem and I have been finding myself all too willing to charge something lately. So I decided to take a break from my credit cards. I am going to be implementing Dave Ramsey's "envelope method." I am going to budget out money for gas, food, and other things for the month. As Dave Ramsey says, "when the envelope is empty, that's it." I'm hoping to do this for the next few months to break my bad habit of credit card spending. I'm also deleting all my saved credit cards on my favorite online shops, like Amazon, J. Crew, Old Navy, etc. To completely prevent my "relapsing" I've given all of my credit cards to my mom so I won't be tempted. An "all-cash" Christmas will be rather interesting..

Resolution 4: Walk more. My dog, Will, is one lucky pup. He gets to hang out with my Mom and others all day during the week, and on weekends gets long walks and trips to the beach. I would like to walk him more during the week when I get home from work/class. If I'm able to manage my time more effectively I'll be able to take him on longer walks during the week. Being outside is great for all involved and is a nice break from sitting in the office all day.

So there are some of my not-new-years resolutions! I'll try to keep you all updated on any progress. Do you have any resolutions of your own? Share them on My Camo Kids!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eating Gluten-Free in Belmont, MA

One of the biggest issue areas for gluten-free folks is baked goods. Sure there are many mixes, I am a self-proclaimed Jules gluten-free mix addict, but sometimes whole ingredients are viable alternatives as well.

Ohlin Bakery in Belmont, MA makes these cookies from mostly almond flour and they are wicked good.

Have you ever baked with almond flour? It's great, a little expensive but totally possible to make your own. To check out my previous post on how to make your own almond flour, click here.

Friday, September 20, 2013


I love seeing my things pinned on Pinterest and I love my followers!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Paws n'Time Canine Rescue

I recently had the opportunity to interact with a wonderful dog rescue in Lancaster, PA. Paws n'Time Canine Rescue is an organization that rescues dogs from all sorts of situations, and supports local dog owners financially who would otherwise have to give up their pups. As someone who has spent a small fortune on my pup's medical bills I know that is not always a feasible option for a family. It is really nice to see that there is support available so owners do not have to give up a member of their families.

The volunteers who run Paws n'Time do so completely on their own time and are truly invested in their dogs. They have a highly thorough application and placement process to ensure that the dogs are placed in the right homes. They foster all of their dogs in personal homes and pay for 100% of the costs associated with the dogs. This is certainly a passion, and not a profitable venture.

Picture from Sissy's Adopt-A-Pet Page

One of the pups they recently rescued from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky has some high vet bills. Sissy is a lab/pit bull mix who looks so sweet. She was dumped on the side of the road with some serious injuries, and the rescue believes she was used as a bait dog for dog fights. The rescue is asking for any donations to help off-set her high vet bills. I went ahead and donated 10% of what they are asking and would LOVE if you would consider helping them out as well. Even $1 would go a long way! If 150 people donated $1 Sissy's bills would be drastically reduced. I know from experience her total vet bills were likely much higher than what they are asking. To consider helping support Sissy, and read more about this pretty pup, please click here: Help Support Sissy

If you would rather help in a different way, they have a really neat fundraiser where you are able to name the next nameless dog they take in after someone or some pup who you love! To read more about this fundraiser click here: Name a Rescue Dog.

The general website for Paws n'Time is here: Paws n'Time Canine Rescue and they can also be found on facebook!

"Surviving Whole Foods" by Kelly MacLean

This morning an article on the Huffington Post began to circulate regarding shopping at Whole Foods. It's very funny and fairly accurate. My favorite line is "Next I see the gluten-free section filled with crackers and bread made from various wheat-substitutes such as cardboard and sawdust."

To read the full article please see here: Surviving Whole Foods by Kelly MacLean.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Simple Gluten-Free Dinner

A few years ago my mom gave me a card. On the outside it showed a piece of paper that said, "A Short Essay On Why I Work." On the inside, "I like to eat."

My life typically revolves around food; when, where, and what. Unfortunately my schedule during the school year (I am still in school, for a M. Ed.) doesn't really allow for elaborate meal times. One dish that is my go-to for quick, easy, and delicious is this pasta dish that originated from my time in high school. My best friend Rhianna gets all the credit for making this dish, I am merely a copycat. I've made my own pesto to go with this, but store bought is definitely the quickest option.

1/2 cup pesto
1 can of diced tomatoes with basil and oregano
Cooked pasta

Mix the pesto and tomatoes in a small sauce pan until hot.
Pour over cooked pasta.


Monday, September 9, 2013

The Weekly Will

We visited Jill this weekend after her first week of classes. Will was loved on profusely by college students missing their pups. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Eating Gluten-Free at Logan Airport, Boston, MA

Does the thought of having to find something gluten-free and healthy to eat while at an airport make you queasy? It certainly turns my stomach. Last time I was at Logan Airport with some time to kill I totally felt a hunger migraine coming on. If you suffer from migraines you know too well how the sensitivity to light and sound slowly creeps into your head and that moment when the thudding begins in the sinuses and your temples.

In my mad dash to the airport I had forgotten to pack myself some snacks - a total cardinal sin in my book. I was reluctant to buy anything at the typical convenience store so my options were limited but I knew if I didn't eat soon I was going to be sick all day.

I had passed by a Legal Seafoods on the way to my gate and I thought they might have a gluten-free menu. I decided to bite the bullet and order something there. After speaking with the hostess I discovered they do have a "gluten sensitive" menu. 

I sat down and ordered the chicken with broccoli and french fries. As a policy they bake all of their gluten-free menu items to prevent cross contamination. When I received my meal, it was basically what I was expecting. It was nothing fancy but it was exactly what I needed and wanted at that point. The prices at first glance are fairly reasonable, but the sides do cost extra so keep an eye on that.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekly Will

Will pup spent a fantastic Sunday at the beach. Unfortunately I am having some serious camera malfunctions which totally ruined a whole host of otherwise fantastic photos. Here is one of the salvageable photos.