Friday, September 6, 2013

Eating Gluten-Free at Logan Airport, Boston, MA

Does the thought of having to find something gluten-free and healthy to eat while at an airport make you queasy? It certainly turns my stomach. Last time I was at Logan Airport with some time to kill I totally felt a hunger migraine coming on. If you suffer from migraines you know too well how the sensitivity to light and sound slowly creeps into your head and that moment when the thudding begins in the sinuses and your temples.

In my mad dash to the airport I had forgotten to pack myself some snacks - a total cardinal sin in my book. I was reluctant to buy anything at the typical convenience store so my options were limited but I knew if I didn't eat soon I was going to be sick all day.

I had passed by a Legal Seafoods on the way to my gate and I thought they might have a gluten-free menu. I decided to bite the bullet and order something there. After speaking with the hostess I discovered they do have a "gluten sensitive" menu. 

I sat down and ordered the chicken with broccoli and french fries. As a policy they bake all of their gluten-free menu items to prevent cross contamination. When I received my meal, it was basically what I was expecting. It was nothing fancy but it was exactly what I needed and wanted at that point. The prices at first glance are fairly reasonable, but the sides do cost extra so keep an eye on that.

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