Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Paws n'Time Canine Rescue

I recently had the opportunity to interact with a wonderful dog rescue in Lancaster, PA. Paws n'Time Canine Rescue is an organization that rescues dogs from all sorts of situations, and supports local dog owners financially who would otherwise have to give up their pups. As someone who has spent a small fortune on my pup's medical bills I know that is not always a feasible option for a family. It is really nice to see that there is support available so owners do not have to give up a member of their families.

The volunteers who run Paws n'Time do so completely on their own time and are truly invested in their dogs. They have a highly thorough application and placement process to ensure that the dogs are placed in the right homes. They foster all of their dogs in personal homes and pay for 100% of the costs associated with the dogs. This is certainly a passion, and not a profitable venture.

Picture from Sissy's Adopt-A-Pet Page

One of the pups they recently rescued from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky has some high vet bills. Sissy is a lab/pit bull mix who looks so sweet. She was dumped on the side of the road with some serious injuries, and the rescue believes she was used as a bait dog for dog fights. The rescue is asking for any donations to help off-set her high vet bills. I went ahead and donated 10% of what they are asking and would LOVE if you would consider helping them out as well. Even $1 would go a long way! If 150 people donated $1 Sissy's bills would be drastically reduced. I know from experience her total vet bills were likely much higher than what they are asking. To consider helping support Sissy, and read more about this pretty pup, please click here: Help Support Sissy

If you would rather help in a different way, they have a really neat fundraiser where you are able to name the next nameless dog they take in after someone or some pup who you love! To read more about this fundraiser click here: Name a Rescue Dog.

The general website for Paws n'Time is here: Paws n'Time Canine Rescue and they can also be found on facebook!

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