Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Thankful November: Traditions

Every November, we as a nation, take the opportunity to get together with those that we love and appreciate. This November I want to spend a little time focusing on the things that I specifically appreciate in my life. For today, that will be traditions.

There are certain things that I remember more vividly than others from my childhood. One of those things that I have a very distinct memory of is our gingerbread people cookie sheets in which we always would make chocolate chip gingerbread people around Christmas time.

Over the years I have wondered what happened to our adorable cookie sheets. Well, when in doubt, check eBay. I scored two of the exact Nestle Tollhouse cookie sheets that we had when I was little. A point of pride for me was that we always made our chocolate chip cookies from scratch, but for the sake of time I opted to go the store-bought route.

The Immaculate Baker makes pre-packaged cookie dough that is both gluten-free and dairy free, and is delicious. Each pre-scoop of dough made one gingerbread man or woman. I'm so happy I was able to find these sheets and I plan on holding on to them for a long time.

Do you have any fun little traditions that you'd like to share? Post in the comments section!

Are you interested in getting a set of Nestle Toll House Cookie Kids cookie sheets? Check eBay.

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