Friday, November 15, 2013

Sneaky Places Gluten Hides at Thanksgiving (And Other Times, Too!)

Gluten is a teeny-tiny protein and can hide just about anywhere in the kitchen or meal. For those with Celiac Disease the tiniest bit can make a person sick for days so being careful is very important!

Sneaky Places Gluten Hides at Thanksgiving

The Turkey: Not all turkeys are prepared the same. Some companies inject their turkeys with liquid that may contain gluten to keep them extra moist while baking. Some recommend sprinkling the turkey with flour to keep it from sticking to anything. Check this list to see if your turkey is on there: Gluten-Free Turkeys.

Gravy: Most gravy mixes are not gluten-free. I've had a few and they're so-so. I'd suggest trying one before the big day, or make your own using corn starch or rice flour. You'll be happy you did!

Stocks and Bouillon: Most stocks and bouillon cubes are not gluten-free. This is an issue because people use stock in a variety of dishes that should in theory be gluten-free. Some types of Swanson are so that is usually my go-to. Do a Google search and find one you like!

Turkey Basting Liquid: Some people with baste with stock, see above.

Mashed Potatoes: If your potatoes are cooked in a gluten-containing stock - you'll be out of luck!

Your Cutting Board: Do you use a wooden cutting board? Are you having gluten-free guests over? Swap it for a plastic board for the meantime. Gluten hides in the cracks and crevices of wood very easily!

Your Utensils: Keep your utensils separate during the meal! Also avoid wooden utensils for the same reasons why you want to avoid wooden cutting boards.

Can you think of any more places? Let me know and I'll add them to the list! For more gluten-free Thanksgiving tips, see my post: Tips for a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving.

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