Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Brazi Bites Cheese Bread Snacks - A Review

Cheese bread snacks. These are not words that you typically associate with gluten-free food. Well, until now. Brazi Bites are a traditional Brazilian cheese bread snack, also called pão de queijo, that by a wonderful twist of fate, are naturally gluten-free!

These snacks were only readily found in Brazil until 2009 when Brazi Bites Founder's Junea and Cameron re-created them in their Portland, OR home. They are now available commercially (and by mail order!) in many locations including Whole Foods and Sprouts Markets. 

Brazi Bites come in three perfect flavors; Original, Jalapeño, and Bacon.  After 20 minutes in a 400 degree oven they bake into the most delicious, bite-sized cheese breads/rolls. The Original has a light parmesan taste that was so good. The cheese taste is similar to parmesan Goldfish, if Goldfish were soft and warm and fluffy. My favorite, I think, is the Bacon. It has the exact right amount of real bacon flavor and are SO hard to stop eating! As for the Jalapeño, I was so impressed. I always order jalapeños on my nachos because I love them with cheese, and Brazi Bites totally encapsulated that flavor!

The second best thing about Brazi Bites (the first being that they are gluten-free) is the ingredient list. I am a huge proponent of limited-ingredient products and Brazi Bites are made of quality, natural ingredients. One bag also contains about 20 bites - enough for a party or for a family!

These paired perfectly with a bowl of tomato soup as an improved grilled cheese substitute. Or as a ham and cheese finger sandwich appetizer! Really the possibilities are endless. Admittedly, a few times time I've make them so far, I devoured them straight from the oven. Not even on a plate. 

As I was making a batch the other day my mother commented, "are you planning on eating all of those?" Welp. Yes. So, speak for all gluten-free-ers everywhere by saying thank you to Brazi Bites! If you want to keep an eye on Brazi Bites, like their Facebook page: here. You can also see where they are stocked, or order direct from their website here: Brazi Bites.

Love your food.

Before baking.

Pre-baking: Jalapeño, Bacon, & Original.

Yum, yum, yum!


Post-baking: Jalapeño, Bacon, & Original.

Please note, I did receive this product complementary from Brazi Bites but, as always, the opinions are entirely my own. 

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