Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Smoke Shack Southern BBQ, Boscawen, NH

I decided to stop by Smoke Shack to meet some family who were already there. I have driven by it on several occasions and never thought about seriously eating there. Well I'm pretty glad I did! I was a little skeptical at first primarily because I am gluten-free and I didn't think I'd be able to eat anything. In actuality all their smoked meats and two sauces are gluten-free! I tried the ribs and the chicken and it was pretty good. I like the ribs the best but the chicken was certainly a good standby option. Apparently the pulled pork is even better. I loved the potato salad and I really enjoyed how garlic-y it was. I didn't try the corn bread (being gluten-free I couldn't) and I also enjoyed the root beer. Looking for a decent standby? Give it a shot. The service and atmosphere isn't anything to write home about but I was pleased with the food.

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