Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eating Gluten-Free in Westford, MA

Burton's Grill is one of my very favorite restaurants. I was lucky enough to live next to one I'm Hingham, MA and I just moved a few minutes away from one in Westford, MA! 

Last week as we didn't have the kitchen unpacked (or ingredients to cook) we went for dinner. I ordered the seasonal soup, butternut squash soup, and shrimp and feta pasta. Both gluten-free of course. 

The soup was my favorite winter squash soup that I've had at a restaurant. It was really thick but very smooth. It was topped with a cream dolip and chives which were nice touches. I could have eaten a bowl of this with an appetiser for a whole meal. 

wanted to also get the risotto fritters and calamari appetisers because I had them at a three course dinner event at Burton's this spring and they were very good but I exercised some self-restraint for once. 

Their desert menu is also spectacular which is why Burton's is my go-to for celebratory dinners. So frequently restaurants will have great menus but will be really lacking in the dessert category, which is my favorite part of the meal. Their chocolate torte and Creme brûlée are my favorites here. 

Planning on going to another Burton's for dinner? Other favorites include: max burger, scallops and creamed corn, beet and goat cheese salad, and the gluten-free onion rings!

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