Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gluten-Free Orange Chicken featuring San-J Orange Sauce

This is part one in a series of posts on San-J gluten-free soy sauce and cooking sauces!

While I was a student at BU, my favorite meal at the student union was orange chicken. It was delicious in the I-don't-want-to-know-what-is-in-this way, and also completely not gluten-free. Over the years I have seen many an orange chicken dish on restaurant menus and at various dining halls, albeit never gluten-free. I missed that tangy, crunchy, pop-able chicken. When I received the Orange Sauce from San-J I couldn't wait to make an orange chicken dish that was gluten-free AND with recognizable ingredients!

If you haven't tried the San-J sauces or soy sauce before, I highly recommend them. Their soy sauces made by traditional methods, with 100% soy beans and no wheat, resulting in a smoother, less bitter taste and TOTALLY gluten-free! There are also no preservatives which I appreciate as I am super sensitive to MSG and the like. San-J sauces are also excellent with ingredients I trust and flavors that I really enjoy.

Now for the actual recipe, I usually would serve it with a fried rice, or white rice, but I was feeling in more of a noodle mood. There are a bunch of rice noodle options, but I felt most comfortable with the  Thai Kitchen brand as they clearly mark them as gluten-free.

Asian noodles
Two egg whites
Chicken - breasts or thighs will work
Corn starch
San-J Orange Sauce
Vegetable or peanut oil

The noodles even come in individual packages which I really appreciated!

Cut up the chicken into small, bite-sized, pieces. 

Whisk the egg whites with three tablespoons of corn starch until well blended.

Coat the chicken in the egg white mixture and put into a pre-heated pan with a quarter inch of oil. You may also use a deep fryer if you have one!

If not using a fryer, flip the chicken when browned, but be careful as it will splatter!

Cook the noodles per the instructions. For these noodles I brought a pan of water to a boil, put the noodles in, and turned off the heat. Let cook for about 5 minutes.

It is also probably a good idea to paint your cabinets AND bake cookies while making this orange chicken.. or not.

Once the chicken is done, place the pieces on paper towels to dab some of the oil off and then toss in the sauce until well coated.  I used about a half cup of sauce per batch of chicken as I wanted the noodles to be saucy, too. Pour on top of noodles and serve immediately! I would also recommend serving with a size of edamame for some color on your plate.

I was very happy with how this chicken turned out - it was crunchy and the sauce was perfectly tangy. It was surprisingly easy, mostly owing to the Orange Sauce, and the limited ingredient list.

For more information go to the San-J website. If you are interested in reading more about this orange sauce in particular click here: San-J Orange Sauce and if you are interested in buying any one of their other sauces, check out the promotions and coupons section of their website! I can't wait to try the peanut sauce in some Pad Thai.

Please note, I did receive this product complimentary from San-J but, as always, the opinions are entirely my own. 

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