Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April by the Numbers

Has this been the fastest April in history, or is it just me? This was the first month since we moved into our Hodgepodge House in September that we've been able to work outside and not freeze and we took full advantage. I'm having trouble remembering the days and weeks individually, but here is a little bit of my April by the numbers...
1 raging case of poison ivy
2 Sarah Bernhardt peonies planted
2 Endless Summer Hydrangeas planted
3 Endless Summer Hydrangeas waiting to be planted
1 Virbunum planted
5 GIANT holes dug
6 seeding trays knocked over by Tori
1 pair of gloves tossed (see poison ivy above)
The first green things in my yard - Stelladora - Daylillies

The landscaping of our  Hodgepodge House, as it is affectionately known, left A LOT to be desired when we moved in. We had tons of multi colored mulch to contend with and zero plants to work with. This fall we planted a bunch of day lilies, several hydrangea, a dogwood pagoda tree, and two different varieties of peonies so they could over-winter well and I've been dying to see the results. I was psyched to see that despite the 100+ inches of snow we received, nothing was permanently damaged! Those improvements, in addition to the list above, have really changed the outside of the house for the better!

Emerging coral charm peonies

We also put together a really cute little herb garden in a wooden barrel that we bought at Home Depot. We included sage, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, basil, thai basil, and thyme. My phone has been taking less-than-stellar photos so I am going to try and get some actual photos to update you with. The peonies are growing much faster than I expected! Fingers crossed for some blooms this year...

Tori enjoying the sun

Mini retaining wall I built on a whim, it's only a little crooked

Completed herb barrel!

The side of the house